We are responsible for

We are responsible for:

  1. teacher qualification screening, staff management and employment assessment, review of cases regarding staff rewards or disciplinary action.
  2. the education and training of new teachers and employees.
  3. hiring and discharging of staff.
  4. authentication of assistants.
  5. personnel records management.
  6. editing campus ID badges for faculties and staffs.
  7. the preparation of teachers organization.
  8. verification of teachers/staff work certificate insurance and termination.
  9. teacher/staff attendance management.
  10. the official document dispatch.
  11. the official petty cash management.
  12. teacher evaluation.
  13. salary and annual bonuses.
  14. making and review the salary roster.
  15. working affairs related to part-time and full-time teachers.
  16. the staff organization management.
  17. public service insurance, labor insurance and national health insurance.
  18. private schools retired savings system.
  19. pension of the retired faculty, comfort and compensate, and teacher life-long serving.
  20. the affairs related to management of human resource.